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From Tree to Cup

Redefine The Benchmark Of Tea Industry:
Every Tea Has A Story To Tell

We are a bunch of people that are passionate about tea and want to let the world know how a cup of “Good Tea” is made. With nearly 20 years of industry experiences, we have poured our heart and soul into every step of the way. Chatime Tea Lab is consisted of world top-notch tea experts with the vision of redefining the benchmark of world bubble tea industry.

Our Next Step

Tree to Cup: Sustainable Tea

As a pioneer of the industry, we carry the mission of making this world a better place with Tea. Throughout the years, we have been working with our contract tea farmers in Taiwan to produce the so-called “Good Tea”.

Chatime Tree To Cup maps out the exciting journey of the Chatime tea. From the tea farm to your nearest tea brewery, we aim to achieve 100% transparent in every step of the supply chain. In Chatime, we ain’t just make tea for a living, we strive to let more people know how “Good Tea” is produced and all the stories behind to make this great project happen.