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From Tree to Cup

Every Tea Has A Story To Tell

We’re a clan of passionate tea enthusiasts. And we want to let the world know how a cup of “Good Tea” is made. Every tea has a story to tell, and every story starts with a good cup of tea.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, our hearts and soul is in every refinement of making tea great. Chatime Tea Lab consists of the world’s first-rate tea experts with a vision of redefining the benchmark for the global bubble tea industry.

Redefining the Industry Benchmark

Sustainable Tea

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cup of good tea. Our mission is to work with the finest tea farmers in Taiwan to sustainably produce the best that tea has to offer. Our Tree to Cup map illustrates the journey of Chatime tea. 

From tea farms to tea breweries, we manage every step in the supply chain with 100% transparency. This is an inclusive journey, with all stakeholders invested in knowing every aspect of how our products are made. Join this journey of discovery.