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About Tea

Our Tea Tree

Growing Condition

Chatime tea farm is situated in the central mountain area of Taiwan- Nantou County. Our tea trees are grown symmetrically on the hills and irrigated with rain water naturally. The hill slopes not only allow the rainfall to be evenly distributed throughout the whole tea terrace also prevent direct sunlight which intense sunlight may leads to bland taste of the brewed tea. The huge temperature difference between day and night brings out the best quality and yield of the tea tree in the area.

Our Tea Farm

Sustainable Management

Besides thriving to produce the best tea, we also care about the environment a lot. The implementation of the natural farming practice is our first step toward sustainability. With less human prejudice and let nature taking its’ own course to promote biodiversity and ecological balance in the Chatime tea farm.

Our Tea Lab

Let’s have a sneak peak into all the hard work behind the Chatime Tea

Here at Chatime Tea Lab, we have “Tea Masters” which are consisted of tea agronomists and global top-notch tea experts. With more than 20 years of experiences, they know all the “little things” about tea. Chatime Tea Masters monitor from the tea trees in the farm to the brewed tea in the lab, making sure every batch of the tea achieves the highest quality standard before delivering to the Chatime breweries around the world.

Tea Tasting

Undergoing standardized Tea Cupping Procedures to evaluate the quality and characteristics of tea. Strictly control the brewing temperatures and brewing times to bring out the best performance in different tea types.

Step 1

Observe The Dry Tea Leaves

Pick out the full-shaped dry tea leaves with shiny bold dark green color for the best brew.

Step 2

Observe The Appearance

Make sure the brewed tea has bright and sparking color with no impurities after steeping.

Step 3

Observe The Aroma

See how long can the aroma last for and intensity of the aftertaste.

Step 4

Taste And Slurp The Tea

Once you have slurped the tea, roll it over your tongue in a swishing motion to get the full taste of the tea.

Step 5

Observe The Steeped Tea Leaves

The completeness and how spread-out of the steeped tea leaves indicates the quality.

Our Tea Production

Chatime tea factory is certified with global quality and safety certifications. Following the highest standard of traditional tea making procedure with state-of-the-art tea processing equipment. This is how we differentiate ourselves from others……