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What Kind Of Tea To Drink In The Morning, Afternoon & Evening

Do you know that having the right tea at the right time may efficiently bring out the best state of your body performance and further on boost energy throughout the day?

Let’s have a look on the suggestions by the Chatime tea experts below.

In The Morning
It is suggested to consume black tea during or 30 minutes after breakfast. The high level of caffeine content in the black tea may provide an instant energy boost before you start your daily routine.

In The Afternoon
Without undergoing any fermentation process, green tea is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants which can strengthen the immune system and help with relaxing after exposing under high stress level for a long period.

In the Evening
A cup of oolong tea before bed may help to boost your metabolism after you fall asleep. Unlike the caffeine in other teas, the caffeine in oolong tea aid the breakdown with fat which helps to control the body weight accordingly.