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Find it difficult to describe the flavor of your tea?

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Finding It Difficult to Describe the Flavor of Tea? Do you ever find it difficult to describe the flavor of tea? If so, the Chatime Tea Taster’s Flavor Wheel is here to the rescue! This wheel was created for tea professionals to precisely communicate with global tea lovers using a 258-word lexicon, even if they have different cultural backgrounds or preferences. The flavor wheel concept first appeared in 1979 in the beer industry. Nowadays, flavor wheels are common in various industries, including wine, coffee, chocolate, and soy sauce. It is a tool that industry professionals use to describe the flavor of a product without tasting it. Beginning in the center of the wheel, this is where all the general taste and aroma categories are: floral, sweet, fruity, roasted, nutty, vegetative, and other. Moving away from the center, each category is then subdivided into more specific flavors. For example, the fruity category includes flavors like dried fruit, berries, and citrus. If you are drinking a tea that has a sweet, fruity flavor, you might find that it has notes of dried berries or citrus. The Chatime Tea Taster’s Flavor Wheel is a great way to learn more about the flavors of specialty teas. And it can also help you to communicate your preferred Chatime tea to others. So next time you are enjoying a cup of tea, take a moment to use the wheel and see what you can discover! Try this and trace where some of Chatime’s most popular teas fall on the flavor wheel: ● Jasmine Green Tea: Floral – Mild – Jasmine & Magnolia ● High Mountain Tea: Sweet–Sugary–Maple Syrup & Maltose & Cane Sugar ● Oolong Tea: Roasted – Roast– Brown Rice & Cookie ● Signature Black Tea: Fruity – Dried Fruit – Dried Berries ● Earl Grey Black Tea: Fruity – Ripen Fruit – Bergamot & Citrus ● Japanese Roasted Tea: Roasted – Smoky – Smoke & Heavy