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The Smooth, Smoky Tea from a Volcano Island

Also known as “Hōjicha”, Japanese Roasted Tea is a type of green tea that is roasted at high temperatures. This process gives the tea a smooth, smoky flavor and a reddish-brown color. It was invented in the 1920s by a tea merchant who was looking for a way to reduce waste during the tea production process. Hōjicha is made by roasting tea leaves, stems, stalks, and twigs at an extremely high temperature of approximately 350°C for hours until they turn a reddish-brown color. This process creates a distinct roasted tea with a smoky aroma. 

Hōjicha is made from tea leaves that are grown in the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan, which is located in the southwestern part of the island of Kyūshū. The mild climate and diverse environment make it ideal for the cultivation of tea crops. The volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and minerals all year round, which gives the tea leaves and Chatime Japanese Roasted Tea its high quality and taste compared to other roasted varieties. It is no surprise that Hōjicha is a favorite all over the world for its phenomenal taste. 

The high-temperature roasting process lowers the astringency in the tea and creates a sweet ending note. Some Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong tea leaves are added to the roasting process to bring out a smooth caramel aftertaste and enhance the overall flavor. For tea lovers who are looking for an extra creamy flavor, Chatime Japanese Roasted Milk Tea is not to be missed!