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How Was Tea Discovered?

The history of tea dates back to approximately 5000 years ago in Imperial China. According to legend, emperor Shen Nong discovered “tea” accidentally during one of his routine herbal field visits. Emperor Shen Nong, a well-known herbalist who was also the first to teach Chinese people how to use herbs in therapy and diet. Throughout his time as an herbalist, he identified hundreds of herbs via personally tasting and analyzing the properties.

One day, while Emperor Shen Nong was resting beneath a tree after accidentally tasting a toxic plant, some leaves from a certain tree bush were blown into the boiling water pot which was meant for Emperor Shen Nong to quench his thirst. The boiling water suddenly turned a yellow-green-ish color and came with an indescribable distinct scent. After a sip, Emperor Shen Nong was surprised at the infusion that was accidentally created. By chewing the tea leaves, the uncomfortable and painful feeling incurred by the toxic plant had disappeared completely.

Emperor Shen Nong collected some leaf samples back and studied all over about this particular herbal plant, which is then how tea was first discovered. Although tea was taken for medical purposes originally and was being chewed instead of being drunk as today. With its increasing popularity, tea has been introduced to more and more people and is being widely implemented as sacrificial offerings, dishes, and drinks nowadays.