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Jasmine Green Tea

Scenting Technique

Jasmine Green Tea is known as one of the most popular scented teas in the world. Through scenting the green tea leaf with jasmine flowers, enabling the floral aroma to be absorbed by each leaf completely. It is believed that the scenting technique is highly skilled and time-consuming, and is usually done by experienced tea masters.


The tea scenting technique was first discovered in the Chinese culture dating back to the Ming Dynasty. It is believed that jasmine, rose, osmanthus, and gardenia are the top flower varieties when it comes to tea scenting. During the scenting process, it is important not to overpower the tea flavor, which, with the ratio of 3:2 (tea: flower), is considered as the “best scented tea”. By repeating the steps of drying, flipping, mixing, and scenting the flower & tea leaves for 2-9 times, ensuring the scent is fully absorbed. It is a series of sophisticated preparation and procedures which the whole tea scenting process can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

Jasmine Green Tea is normally produced around March-May every year. Chatime Jasmine Green Tea is selected from high grade green tea originating from Asia and scented with blooming jasmine flowers. A rich aroma of jasmine flower has shown through the traditional scenting process, adding a calming floral scent to the green tea.

Next time when you swing by Chatime brewery, make sure to try out Chatime’s signature scented tea- Jasmine Green Tea, a tea that is sophisticatedly made with a phenomenal fragrance of blooming jasmine flowers!