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The Tea That Has Been Discovered Accidentally

The history of tea can be traced back to the 12th century but the concept of tea processing was not fully developed until the Ming Dynasty (1300s-1600s). With the introduction of fixation, roasting, and fermentation techniques, a variety of tea were invented, including Oolong. According to an old Chinese tale, Oolong tea was discovered by chance in 1725 by a Chinese tea farmer after leaving fresh tea leaves overnight instead of processing them immediately. 

It turns out that a night of resting indoors was a form of light fermentation. As a result, the edges of fresh tea leaves turned into a natural red color. Finally, after a series of fixation and medium-roasting procedures, a delicate tea with a slightly baked aroma and ripen fruit taste was invented. And that’s how this accidental tea became known as “Oolong”. Chatime Oolong tea has its origin in Nantou County, Taiwan. 

The humid climate and loess soil (yellowish brown soil deposited by the wind) in the area provides the optimal environment for cultivating Oolong tea. Semi-fermenting the fresh tea leaves to around the 20%-30% level ensures a tea body with the vegetal note of green tea yet retaining a distinct roasted brown rice and ripened fruit flavor after brewing. If you haven’t yet, be sure to try out the enticing Oolong when you next visit Chatime!