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What's So Special About Porcelain Tea Set?

A recognized quality tea can be determined through several factors, such as the tea leaf quality, water temperature, water volume and steeping time, etc. However, we tend to neglect the significant role of “Tea Set” plays in the tea brewing process. Tea set is not simply a medium when it comes to tea brewing, it is said that a good tea set shall be able to bring out the best performance of the tea in color, aroma, taste, and briskness.

The most used materials of tea set ranges from porcelain, pottery, glass, enamel, metal, and bamboo. According to the professional tea cupping competition, porcelain tea ware is believed to be the most widely used tea set globally to evaluate tea. With its’ non-porous surface, porcelain tea ware performs good heat retention and inertness, allowing the essence of tea flavor and aroma being brought out subtly after brewed. The non-porous surface also prevents tea stains and odors remaining in the cup which eliminates the flavor interference during tea cupping procedure.  

I beleive now you might have a better understanding on how tea expertise conduct tea evaluation nowadays. Do you know that Chatime also implemented standardized tea cupping procedure in our quality control center? In order to maintain the highest quality standard constantly, our tea experts use professional porcelain tea sets to carefully evaluate and inspect the characteristic of each tea batch before distributing the tea materials to our global stores. Then, undergoing with state-of-the-art automatic tea brewing technolgy instore to ensure no matter which Chatime store you are at around the world, your cup of Chatime is always as good as you have ever tasted!